Couples Intensives

What is a Couple's Intensive?

Couples Intensives are programs designed for couples in crisis whereby a couple spends 1-3 days in Intensive Couples Counseling.

The Institute For Couples Counseling provides several Couples Intensives that are tailored specifically to each couples crisis and relationship needs.

Intensives allow Clients to do the equivalent of three months of therapy in a 2-Day Intensive.  

Weekly Counseling is very positive for couples working on their relationship for long term success. However, sometimes, when a crisis is SO large for a couple, a one to two full day Intensive led by a Couples Counseling Specialist, can help get a couple on track more immediately.

1-2 Full days spent on de-escalating a crisis can be help clients have hope, learn how to navigate the crisis and have a roadmap to relationship restoration.

Who Can Benefit from a Couples Intensive?

Couples who are in a CRISIS; a Couples Intensive can provide immediate, concentrated attention at a time when couples are in massive distress. Such crises are: 

A.  Couples who have just experienced INFIDELITY and are in trauma, are lost as as to how to handle this betrayal. 

B.  Couples who are at the junction of Impending Divorce

C. Couples in Marital crisis and pain they want immediate solution and strategies to save the marriage. 

D. For Couples having Gridlocked Marital Problems and want a Quick Jumpstart as to how to solve the issues. 

E. For Couples who are in weekly counseling who want MORE support and want a concen-trated 1-2 days devoted to their issues.

How Does an Intensive Work?

1. The Institute For Couples Counseling Intensive Process provides 1-3 full days of personalized, one on one counseling with either ONE or TWO of our therapists together – with customized strategies, support, guidance and solutions.

2. We work one-one one with you and or you and your spouse together, over a single, concentrated period of time. You can choose a 1-Day (7 hour Intensive) or a 2-Day (14 hour Intensive).

3. We gather information, analyze your issues, and provide and teach strategies, skills, and solutions to your relationship issues.  Recovery cannot begin until contact with the affair partner is terminated. Stopping an affair does not just mean ending sexual intercourse. All personal discussions, coffee breaks and phone calls must also be stopped. When the affair partner is a co-worker, the contact must be strictly business, and necessary or unplanned encounters must be shared with the spouse in order to rebuild trust.


Who Leads Your Couples Intensive?

Your Couples Intensive is led by Karen Greenhouse, Ph.D., MFT, CSAT, Couples Specialist, and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Master Certified Relational Life Therapist, Certified Discernment Therapist, also providing EMDR Therapy. Ms. Greenhouse many times works with one of several well-known and respected therapists specializing in Sex Therapy, Trauma-based Therapy, and Certified Addiction Therapy to add to the Intensives when needed. This addition to some of the Intensives brings another point of view to complex Couples issues when appropriate.


1. Increase clarity on what has happened in your marriage and how both of you contributed to where you are now. (Infidelity Intensives do not focus on how both parties contributed to the issue.)

2. Find creative solutions to your issues that have kept you stuck in repeating patterns of gridlock and conflict.

3. Gain perspective and understanding of what you want and need in the future from your partner – and how to get that.

4. Learn new relationship skills appropriate for your current crisis.

5. Develop a roadmap for the future relationship together.

Intensive Format

The Institute for Couples Counseling Intensives occur over the following schedules:

Thursday – skip Friday – Resume Saturday

We meet 7 hours per day, from 9:00am to 4:00 and/or 5:00pm
Lunch break at 12:30pm

Couples Intensives Are Not for Everyone

1. Intensives are not a 2-day cure. In therapy there is no such thing as a 2-day cure for issues that took a long a long time to form. The Intensives at The Institute For Couples Counseling are set up to help you get to the root of your problem, and put your relationship on a road of repair and connection.

2. A prerequisite for being in our intensives is for both partners to be emotionally stable. Clients with untreated, borderline personality disorders, bi-polar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and severe ADD or ADHD, or in danger of harming themselves, may not be good candidates for our Intensives.

We have a limited number of spaces available for our Intensives. To be considered for an Intensive, please call us for a Telephone Consultation. After we speak with you, we will send you an Application to fill out for the Intensive.

How Can We Get Started

I'm Karen Greenhouse, Ph.D., MFT, CSAT. If you are wondering if an Intensive would help you and your partner, please call me and I can help you assess what Intensive would be the right one for you. Call me at: (818) 859-6766.

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