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Recovery from Infidelity

After the devastating disclosure of infidelity, couples feel intense emotions and have recurrent crisis. This is the norm after a Discovery. However, the good news is that the majority of marriages and relationships not only survive infidelity, but Couples Therapy Specialists have observed that many marriages CAN become stronger and more intimate after Couples Therapy.

Affairs can occur in happy marriages as well as as in troubled ones. A new crisis of infidelity is emerging in which people who never intended to be unfaithful are unwittingly crossing the line from platonic friendships into romantic relationship, particularly in the workplace an on the Internet.

People CAN and DO heal after an affair. That said, it takes two people being involved in the healing. Many couples cannot do this healing on their own without the help of a well-trained therapist to help with the very difficult issues arising from the aftermath (or current) affair.

At The Institute For Couples Counseling, we believe that it is imperative to receive guidance from a Couples Therapy Specialist after the discovery of an affair. Why A Specialist? Because if you see any therapist who may not be trained to work specifically with Couples, and may not be familiar with the therapy work that does and can help couples through the crisis, into recovery from an affair, and help couples create an even closer relationship after such crisis work, you may be in the hands of a therapist who feels that an affair is the end of a relationship. A Couples Therapy Specialist is very familiar with Infidelity, and has a track record of helping couples heal from such an event.

The first issue to be addressed in the relationship is clarifying whether the purpose of therapy is rebuilding the marriage/relationship, resolving ambivalence about whether to remain married, or separating in a constructive way, with or without children involved.

Sometimes one spouse may want to reconcile while the other spouse is still ambivalent or has decided to leave. This is where a skilled Couples Therapist Specialist can guide you both towards a resolution of the ambivalence. Re-buliding a relationship after an affair takes some time. Here are just some issues that a Couples Therapist Specialist can assist you with:

1) Whether or not each partner Individually and together wish to stay in the relationship; 2) Help the betrayed partner deal with the hurt, betrayal, shock, grief, and trauma in the very beginning of the Discovery of the affair; 3) Help the Involved Partner learn ways to help their Betrayed Partner and experience Empathy; 4) Help the Involved Partner decide to terminate or stay with the Affair Partner; 5) Help the Couple begin to repair and create trust again; 6) Help the Betrayed Partner set up safety, boundaries, and limits in an effort to help repair trust; 7) Help the Involved Partner handle the extreme hurt and feelings of the betrayed partner; 8) Help the couple deal with the vulnerabilities of the relationship 9) Help the Couple learn more about why the affair occurred. 10) Help the couple rebuild trust, commitment, mutual empathy and shared responsibility for change.

How We Can Help

If you are experiencing the betrayal of infidelity and are anxious to begin your recovery, please feel free to call or contact me directly NOW for a confidential, complimentary telephone consultation about your concerns and to discuss your options. Contact me at (818) 859-6766 or use the Contact Form to the right to learn how I may be of assistance to you. 

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