Relationship Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Why Work with a Couples Specialist?

Though infidelity can feel as if it is the end of the relationship, despite the intense pain of the betrayal, working with a Couples Therapist Specialist, infidelity does NOT have to mean the end of a relationship or marriage. 

Ideally, it is best to see a Couples Therapist before a crisis befalls a couple. However, once you are in the crisis, it is imperative for you to get help from an expert, so you have a chance to heal, and so you can Recover from the crisis. 

A Couples Therapist Specialist is someone who not only focuses and works with Couples primarily, but has dedicated their training specifically towards the therapeutic work with Couples. 

Karen Greenhouse, Ph.D., MFT, CSAT has specialized in the field of Couples Therapy for the last 13 years. 

Working with couples is very different than Individuals in therapy. Most therapists are not trained to work with couples, and they see working with couples as an extension of individual psychotherapy. If a therapist is not trained specifically to work with couples, when couples have the most angst, the therapist really won't know how to handle it. One way you know if a therapist is trained to work with couples is to look at how they advertise themselves. If you see on a web site or business card: "I see Individuals, Children, Teens, Families, and Couples" is not a specialist in Couples Therapy. They are a generalist. 

A Therapist who says they work with Children, Individuals, and Couples - is not a Couples Therapy Specialist. 

Another way to find out if you are with a Couples Therapy Specialist is if a Therapist says they work with couples, ask them what percentage of their practice is working with Couples.  At The Institute For Couples Counseling, Karen Greenhouse, PhD's practice is usually 75% Couples and 25% Individuals at any given time. 

Karen Greenhouse, PhD ( c), MFT, CSAT is a highly trained Couples Therapy Specialist. She has spent the last 13 years studying with and working with several renown mentors in the field of Couples Therapy. 

She has trained and worked with Terrence Real, LCSW from the Relational Life Institute who was ABC's Good Morning America's Relationship Expert. Karen is a Master Certified Relational Life Couples Therapist with the Relational LIfe Institute. 

Karen has also trained with John Gottman, PhD for three years in Seattle, the well-known Couples Therapist Researcher who determined what makes marriages fail and what makes marriages last. 

Karen is also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist working with Couples and Individuals who are dealing with Sex Addiction, and trained with The International Institute for Trauma Professionals, with Patrick Carnes, PhD. 

How We Can Help 

If you want to talk to Couples Therapy Expert, please feel free to call or contact me directly NOW for a confidential, complimentary telephone consultation about your concerns and to discuss your options. Contact me at (818) 859-6766 or use the Contact Form to the right to learn how I may be of assistance to you. You are welcome to discuss any infidelity issues you may be experiencing and to learn how we may be of assistance to you.

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