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High-Profile Couples

In the field of psychotherapy, it is mandatory ethically and legally that we keep the names of our clients confidential. At The Institute For Couples Counseling, we go to great lengths to secure the information of our clients.

Because we are specialists in the field of Couples Therapy, people from all professions are referred to us or hear about us on the Internet.  Los Angeles is the world capital of high profile couples and individuals. There are many endeavors which bring people in front of the public eye. We understand that the high profile status adds additional factors and pressures which must be addressed not only in one's life, but also in the therapeutic setting.

Clients come to us from the Entertainment field, the Political arena or Corporate Business, and for those who have media watching following their every move, we take additional precautions for privacy and confidentiality.

Couples come to The Institute For Couples Counseling because they want to repair their relationship, and stay together if possible. For many high profile clients, because their every move is scrutinized in the public arena, staying together is even more difficult when there is a rupture in the relationship, and the media is involved.

Sometimes Couples come to The Institute For Couples Counseling in order to have a smoother break-up due to having children, as well as their break-up being tracked by the media.

We have assisted many high profile Couples with issues sch as difficult relationships, addictions, affairs that hit the tabloids, family difficulties, and enduring the tabloid and media challenges.

Karen Greenhouse, Ph.D., MFT, CSAT has grown up in and around the Entertainment Business in Beverly Hills, with family members being Actors, Producers and Directors. She is well acquainted with the challenges of the Industry and how those challenges affects marriages and relationships.

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