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Is Your Relationship In Crisis?

If you're feeling that your relationship is in crisis, chances are something has happened recently to put your relationship in jeopardy. Or, something you've been dealing with for a long time just got worse

The most frequent circumstances that put a relationship into crisis are: 

  • Infidelity
  • Affairs
  • Discovery of sex addiction
  • Discovering lies
  • A serious argument, or
  • A break-up
  • Unresolved gridlock arguments

If you are in crisis now, and you are experiencing any of the above issues, DO NOT wait to see if you can repair this yourself. If you could have repaired this yourself you would have already. The longer you wait to get professional assistance, the issues become more entrenched and difficult to resolve. These are issues that an experienced and specialized Couples Therapist can help you with.

If you are in a committed relationship and are anxious to begin repairing your relationship, a Couples Therapist Specialist can help you.

If you have children, and your relationship is in crisis, do not wait to solve this on your own. Seek professional help so your children are the least affected by the trauma you and your partner are experiencing. 

Ask your partner to join you in a Couples Counseling Consultation so the problem doesn't get worse. If your partner will not join you, you can lead the way and come in yourself. Your partner may likely follow you in a subsequent session.  

How A Couples Specialist Can Help You Now  

People who don't know which way to turn in a relationship crisis can benefit from the competent professional guidance of an Expert Couples Therapist. If you're not in a crisis, however, and you know you want something different from your relationship, A Couples Therapist Specialist can assist you.

If your discussions turn into escalating fights, A Couples Therapist can help you de-escalate the issues and provide skills to help you do so on your own. Very few couples dealing with a relationship crisis develop a thriving relationship without outside help. With over a decade as a Couples Counseling Specialist treating couples with the most complex problems, we can help you navigate even the most challenging relationship issues, including:

1. Feeling contempt for your partner
2. Feeling continued resent towards your partner 
3. Needing to be right 
4. Controlling your partner
5. Uncontrolled self-expression
6. Retaliation
7. Withdrawal
8. Having the same argument over and over
9. Arguing in a hurtful way
10. Lying
11. Living a double life
12. Having sexual difficulties
13. Using misery-stabilizers with drugs
14. Violating psychological barriers such as:

a.  Yelling and screaming

b.  Name calling

c.  Telling an adult what he or she should do

d.  Making agreements and then breaking them

e.  Manipulating
15. Any type of physical violence

(Providing abusing partner goes into Anger Management program)
16. Low self-esteem for one or both of you 

How We Can Help

If you're experiencing a Crisis or uncomfortable relationship issues, please feel free to call or contact me directly NOW for a confidential, complimentary telephone consultation about your concerns and to discuss your options. Contact me at (818) 859-6766 or use the Contact Form to the right to learn how I may be of assistance to you.  

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