Relationship Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Distress Signals for Couples

Communications: Communications between the partners often take on a negative tone of and result in hostility or antagonistic encounters. 

Same Argument Over-and-Over: Couples experience arguing over the same issue for years without resolution and/or closure.  Couples experience gridlock.

Depression and Anxiety: Relationship issues can exacerbate one partner's depression and anxiety, which can manifest in the withdrawal from the relationship. 

Withdrawal: One or both partners avoids or withdraws from the other or develops a lifestyle that leaves out the other against their wishes. 

Intimacy Issues: There are sexual/intimacy problems in the relationship that cannot seem to be solved and cause negative feelings or frustration with one's partner. 

Infidelity: A partner has been unfaithful, and has just been discovered. Or, a partner is seriously thinking of having an affair due to problems in the relationship. 

Lack of Trust: For various reasons, one partner has lost trust in the other and does not know how to gain it back again. 

Addiction Issues: One partner or both have addiction issues that are now obstacles in having healthy relationship. 

Feeling Trapped: Partners feel trapped in the relationship because they are not getting their needs met and feel obligated to stay together for a compelling reason: financial, expectatsion, or "for the sake of the children". 

Physical Violence: Marriage problems have led to violence or physical fighting. 

If you recognize your relationship in any of the above scenarios then you and your partner can benefit from speaking with a Couples' Counseling Specialist.

How We Can Help

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