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On the Verge of Divorce?

Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is an opportunity for you and your spouse or partner to gain clarity in your decision of whether divorce is the best option for you both.  It differs from Marriage Counseling or Couples Counseling in that, in the latter, both partners are committed to making the relationship work.  

In Discernment Counseling, one of you may be interested in remaining married (what is known as "leaning in" to the relationship) and the other may be committed to the idea of divorce (what is known as "leaning out").  This is the perfect scenario for Discernment Counseling as it helps you both achieve confidence that whatever decision is made, is the right one for you both.

The benefits of Discernment Counseling are:

  • It's short term and focuses on determining if you can potentially resolve your relationship issues
  • You'll gain greater clarity into whether to work on your marriage or move toward divorce
  • You'll have confidence that the decision made is the right one for you
  • If the ultimate decision is made to try to make your relationship work, you can be assured that I have the advanced training and expertise in Marriage and Couples Therapy to be able to help you
  • Altnernative, if the decision is made to divorce, I can provide you with the necessary tools and referrals to achieve a constructive, collaborative divoce

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of couple benefits most from Discernment Counseling?

Discernment Counseling is perfect for you and your partner if you're considering divorce but aren't completely sure whether it's the best decision for you.  You may want to take more time to consider your options and give it one more chance, even if your spouse is moving towards divorce.

How does Discernment Counseling work?

I help you decide whether to restore your marriage to health, move towards divorce, or take time from the decision making process.  Counseling sessions are divided between conversations with each
of you both separately and as a couple.  I respect the reasons why divorce is being considered as an option, while keeping open the possibility of restoring your marriage to health.  

We typically meet for between one to five sessions with both of you together and each of you separately. Our first session is two hours in length and subsequent sessions are 1 1/2 hours. During
our sessions, we'll explore three primary areas of concern:

  • What has gone wrong in your relationship
  • How you have tried to resolve your issues and
  • The path you might consider in restoring health to your relationship

Discernment Counseling is considered successful when you and your spouse or partner have gained clarity and confidence in your decision.

When is Discernment Counseling not recommended?

Discernment Counseling is not recommended when:

  • One of you have made a final decision to divorce and wants counseling to encourage the other spouse to accept that decision
  • There is a danger of domestic violence
  • There is an Order of Protection from the Court 
  • One of you is coercing the other to participate

How We Can Help

If you're on the verge of divorce or are experiencing uncomfortable relationship issues, please feel free to call or contact me directly NOW for a confidential, complimentary telephone consultation about your concerns and to discuss your options. Contact me at (818) 859-6766 or use the Contact Form to the right to learn how I may be of assistance to you.

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